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"i don’t feel like i m in the right world, the right time the right place. there’s somewhere else i’m supposed to be at at the moment. something else i’m supposed to be doing. but i can’t seem to grasp what that thing is."
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what do you get when you mix alcohol and literature?

tequila mockingbird

thERE IS A BOOK BY THIS TITLE AND IT HAS COCKTAILS AND MIXED DRINKS FOR LOADS OF DIFFERENT BOOKS. My bookclub is actually based on that book! It’s kind of wonderful. 

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sleepy boys are the best because they have cute messed up hair and squishy tired cheeks and little droopy eyes and are at their most vulnerable making it easier to kill them

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"I know
you and I
are not about poems or
other sentimental bullshit
but I have to tell you
even the way
you drink your coffee
knocks me the fuck out."
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"When did loving yourself
become so rare, that it’s
revolutionary to do so?"
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"I think about you. But I don’t say it anymore."
Marguerite Duras, from Hiroshima, Mon Amour (via safeslut)

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Don’t be a dipshit. Click here to watch last night’s uncensored Web Redemption featuring the Angry Dog Trainer.

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